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Tutor Solutions

52 Solu​tions for Homeschool Moms

 This video series helps you reach into the back pockets of educators and pull out the best tricks of the trade.   Solutions involve learning strategies that are engaging and beneficial. Time-tested and research based strategies impact how your student will be a more efficient learner.  Check out 52 Solutions for Home School Moms on YouTube.  

upside-down with dyslexia

Reading difficulties due to dyslexia can be difficult to overcome, especially if left untreated.  We can help! 

Three week sessions, MTW, morning and afternoon sessions available, $75

Sessions include decoding, encoding (spelling), and reading accuracy strategies - all from the comfort of your home.

Favorite Tools to Combat Affects of ADHD​

USE POSITIVES:   To a child, positive rewards can look like a quick high-five, verbal praise ("I like the way you're working.") or a small treat or prize for a job well done.

PROVIDE PHYSICAL BREAKS during non-preferred activities. Physical breaks release negative energy caused by disgruntlement, feelings of angst, and anxiety.


Get in Touch

Worried that your child missed out during COVID  school closures?

Do you want to know your child's present level?  

Contact us at Tutor Solutions for free screenings in math and reading.

Our Mission

We aim to teach our pupils math and reading skills that they can apply in today's setting. Our goal is to take your child’s learning experience beyond the average classroom by instilling them with social skills that build character and promote Christian values.

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