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Tutor Solutions

About Tutor Solutions

At Tutor Solutions, we are dedicated to assisting young students who want to perform as well as they can in their studies. Whether your child is struggling to grasp the fundamentals or aspiring to master more intricate concepts, our tutors will adjust their teaching style according to the needs of the student.

Meet Diane Holt, Owner

About the Owner

Diane Holt, received a bachelor’s degree in special education and elementary education from Weber State University at Ogden, Utah. She retired after teaching 15 years in the public-school setting.

Diane worked with children in her school that struggled in academics. She took the child from their present level of performance and grew them into the best they could be.

Diane and her husband live in a small farming community in rural Utah. They are the parents of five amazing children with eight equally blessed grandchildren. Yes, children are her passion. 

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