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Tutor Solutions

popular homeschool games

The Floor is What?

This gameboard is mind-bogglingly-versatile. It makes Worksheets a game! As students play the game, they earn points and complete the worksheets.  There are many variations and you will discover more variations as you play this game.

Hot Tamale Reading Thermometer

Hot Tamale is an activity designed to meet the need to increase reading fluency and accuracy. Use it at a daily warmup and you will see improvements with your child's reading.  

No Zoo for You

Does your child have difficulty recalling math facts? How about letter names and sounds? What about sight words? How about states and capital? NO ZOO FOR YOU is what you need. Gather your flashcards and play this fun rewarding game.

House of Grit

Visual reminder that helps children monitor their own behaviors.

Hundreds Chart

A must have for every child. 

Coming Soon.

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