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Tutor Solutions

Dyslexia Super Heroes

Grades 2, 3, 4

In this 3 week class, students address dyslexia using a multi-media approach to encode (spell), decode (read), memorize and write using correct letter formation. This approach increases your student’s reading accuracy and fluency.

Class routine starts with a warm-up exercise that involves common sight words or previously taught words. Next, with teacher support, students encode (spell) words using the parts and whole strategy. Students listen for sounds in the word, separate the sounds, and then encode or spell the word. Students are now prepared to accurately and independently encode. Processing and understanding what is heard is often a difficulty for children with dyslexia. That is why children with dyslexia have such a hard time spelling or encoding words.

Next, a word game addresses words that will be found in the selected passage. These passages will be on your child’s instructional reading level. Words and vocabulary that are unfamiliar will be taught. Our goal to have your child read successfully without having to guess.

Finally, students find success as they read the passage. We read the passage 2-3 times until it can be read without errors. This brings success to your student, decreases the habit of guessing errors, and imprints words into your child’s memory.

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