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Dyslexia 2nd Grade Heroes

MTW  9:00-9:30 MST 30 minutes

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froggy went 


Froggie is a handsome fellow.  And one day he decides to find a wife.  Hopping from lily pad to lily pad he must perform a math task.  Each move provides a grade-level challenge for your child.  Grades 2, 3, 4 address Place Value; Grades 5, 6  address Decimals, Ratios and Percent's

The World’s Greatest Superhero

Show your little one what it means to be a hero by gifting them our exciting and enlightening e-book. "The World’s Greatest Superhero" tells the story of a boy who discovers that he does not need magical powers to be a super hero. It teaches that listening, caring, planning, socializing, and practicing Christian values are all one needs to rescue others.

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