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We want to make your homeschool amazing!​ 

Catch Me if You Can​

This game can be played with 1st grade readers up to 6th grade readers. It's great fun. It's used during your daily oral reading practice. This practice is to increase your child's reading fluency and accuracy. This easy-to-play game will sharpen your child's skills and give you a break from the mundane oral reading practice. Play "Catch Me If You Can" with the whole family. It's great fun.

Counting Money

Counting money begins in the 1st grade and continues into the 2nd grade. Many students have difficulty counting unlike coins. Using the hundred chart, they can finally find success. This video demonstrates the basic counting of a group of like coins to a group coins of unlike value. Using the hundred chart, students will no longer be frustrated with counting coins.

No Zoo for You

Does your child have difficulty recalling math facts? How about letter names and sounds? What about sight words? How about states and capital? NO ZOO FOR YOU is what you need. Gather your flashcards and play this fun rewarding game.

The Floor is What

This video focuses on the challenge of worksheets that are boring. It presents an activity that is mind-bogglingly-versatile. It makes Worksheets a game. The game is THE FLOOR IS WHAT? As students play the game, they earn points and complete the worksheet. There are many variations and you will discover more variations as you play this game. 

We love building products for you

Gaming Log

This video helps you develop a unit and then turn that unit into a game for your children. This is a solution to the problem of poor test results on end-on-unit tests. Solutions involve learning strategies that target homeschool problems. These strategies are time-tested and will bring solutions to your homeschool problems.

Spelling Drill

Inventive spelling errors are hard to correct. The Spelling Drill solution will bring success to the child that has difficulty with spelling rules and phonics. Homeschool Moms teach the spelling rule, teach words that use the rule, and supports children as they independently spell. A daily routine of the Spelling Drill will be a solution to inventive spelling errors.

Hot Tamale

Most reading curriculum encourages students to increase their fluency and accuracy. Homeschool Moms may be at a lost as to how to do that. They know that improved reading doesn't just happen. Hot Tamale is an activity designed to meet that need--increase reading fluency and accuracy. Use it at a daily warmup and you will see improvements with your child's reading.

The Saboteur

There's lots of reasons why homeschools fails. One of the reasons is that there is a saboteur among you. That means there is a child that is undermining your homeschool. The saboteur uses 'attitude', disruptive behaviors, goofy behaviors, sassiness, or sometimes its just a roll of their eyes. Check out this video to squash the saboteur.

The More Excellent Way to Teach Math

This video looks at the problem of student that have difficulty with math calculations. These are the problems related to adding/subtracting with and without regrouping, double digit multiplication, long division, and fractions. Computation problems are taught differently than story problems and the more excellent way to teach is to use the strategy: check pre-skills, review last skill taught, I do, we do, you do plus. This video has a bonus strategy: Check and See. This is the more excellent way of teaching calculations.

Teaching Music

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Fixing Brain Breaks

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Best Purchase for Homeschool

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