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We want to make your homeschool amazing!​ 

Catch Me if You Can​

This reading game can be played with 1st grade readers up to 6th grade readers. It's great fun. It's used during your daily oral reading practice.  Play "Catch Me If You Can" with the whole family. It's great fun.

Counting Money

Counting money begins in the 1st grade and continues into the 2nd grade. Many students have difficulty counting unlike coins. Using the hundred chart, they can finally find success. 

No Zoo for You

Does your child have difficulty recalling math facts? How about letter names and sounds? What about sight words? How about states and capital? NO ZOO FOR YOU is what you need. Gather your flashcards and play this fun rewarding game.

The Floor is What

This video focuses on the challenge of worksheets that are boring. It presents an activity that is mind-bogglingly-versatile. It makes Worksheets a game. The game is THE FLOOR IS WHAT? 

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Gaming Log

This video helps you develop a unit and then turn that unit into a game for your children. This is a solution to the problem of poor test results on end-on-unit tests. Play this game and you'll have success on tests.

Spelling Drill

Inventive spelling errors are hard to correct. The Spelling Drill solution will bring success to the child that has difficulty with spelling rules and phonics.  

Hot Tamale

Most reading curriculum encourages students to increase their fluency and accuracy. Hot Tamale is an activity designed to meet that need. Use it at a daily warmup and you will see improvements with your child's reading.

The Saboteur

There's lots of reasons why homeschools fails. One of the reasons is that there is a saboteur among you. That means there is a child that is undermining your homeschool.  Check out this video to squash the saboteur.

The More Excellent Way to Teach Math

This video looks at the problem of student that have difficulty with math calculations. These are the problems related to adding/subtracting with and without regrouping, double digit multiplication, long division, etc.  This is the more excellent way of teaching calculations.

Attention Deficit


This video looks at some practical rules for Mom to help the child with attention deficit behaviors. You want your child to realize that there are tools, helps, and people available to help them address their attention deficit behaviors and bring them success.

Finding Your

Reading Curriculum

Choosing the reading curriculum can be frustrating--especially when so much of your child's success depends on good reading skills. In this video discuss the criteria you want in your program and then research the program to see if it meets your needs.

Teaching Grit

Grit vs attention deficit. What is grit, it's how well your child sustains attention to tasks. Because attending to tasks is a skill, it can be taught, practiced and improved. The video suggests using brain brakes to help children focus, increase in energy, and learn.

Magic 10 Math 

Teaching algebra in Kindergarten and First Grade sounds formidable. Magic 10 is a card game that uses algebraic thinking. This game is a great brain break and is fun for the whole family.

Readers Theater

Readers Theaters increase fluency and comprehension, increase reading expression, improve communication skills, brings confidence in public speaking, social awareness, etc. And they are great fun!

Slippery Pig Activity

Looking for ways to practice the basic facts? Try Slippery Pig. Homeschool moms need to find time in their day to drill the basics because the are the building blocks of future knowledge. Make rehearsal of basic facts a fun experience with Slippery Pig.


Some children face the challenge to produce quality work. A simple way to help students improve quality is with a rubric. Rubrics are tools that measure quality. Children need to know what is sub-standard, mediocre or excellent work. 

Attention Deficit Behavior Pt 2

You know the behaviors: fidgety, squirmy, restless, dawdling, impulsive, forgetful. This video looks at some practical rules for Mom to help the child with attention deficit behaviors.


How do you address dyscalculia?  The same way you eat an elephant.  One bite at a time!  This video looks at good teaching strategies, teaching the language of math, tool for math, and checking for understanding.

Froggie Went Acourtin'

 Try the game Froggie Went Acourtin'. This game brings repeated exposure to your curriculum and math vocabulary.

Siblings Tutoring Siblings

This is a tutor strategy for one-on-one help that siblings can use as they tutor in the homeschool environment. It targets reading and reading comprehension. It requires an older child and a younger child and a lot of fun. 

Spelling Secrets

There are hundreds of spelling rules and it's easy for children to be overwhelmed. Use your curriculum to teach the rules, reteach with the spelling wall, use organic teaching, and reteach with Quartiles and Portals. Fun and fast moving, this game connects the rules with spelling words.

Singapore Math

Singapore math focuses on problem solving and thinking skills. It uses a three set learning process: concrete, pictoral, abstract. Singapore Math provides the bridge between the concrete and the abstract. 

Beach Ball Activity

 If you're looking for an activity to rehearse, recall, or memorize facts, try a beach ball. Use a beach ball as a white board with white board makers. Put on the facts you want your child to recall and toss the ball in the air. Where the child's right thumb lands, that is the fact you want to rehearse.

Choosing Best Curriculum

 Do you have the curriculum jitters? Here's some down-to-earth advise to calm those nerves.  And don't forget, if you really get stumped, you can use tutors to bring some expertise into your homeschool.


When a child struggles with reading, you might need to consider if dyslexia is the problem. Start with a good evaluation by an educational psychologist. Find a program, be relentless is helping your child, and be patient as growth is slow and laborious. 

Music in Homeschool

Music intimidating? It can be when you don't play a musical instrument or feel you don't have any expertise. What's a homeschool mom to do? Here's a way to bring music appreciation to your homeschool and it doesn't require a lot of expertise.

Humor at Homeschool

Is your homeschool looking too much like brick and mortar school? Try humor. Humor increases attention, retention of new material, and brings a warmth to your homeschool. You can use relevant humor. That is, you can weave humor into your curriculum. Or, you can use off-the-wall humor.

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